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International Natural Bodybuilding Association India


INBA India was launched in India under the leadership of Shri R Raghunandan to promote Natural Bodybuilding. Natural Bodybuilding has been always the Hot Topic in India but there were no Natural Bodybuilding Events held in India to support those athletes.

INBA INDIA is affiliated to INBA GLOBAL which is an American Bodybuilding & Fitness Association based out of Corona, California, USA.

INBA India aims at providing all the Natural Fitness Athletes with an International Platform to promote Natural Bodybuilding.

INBA India Events are organized under the guidelines of WADA - World Anti-Doping Agency which clearly states that the show is against usage of drugs.

In the coming years, India would be the next super power market for Natural Bodybuilding, Inviting Inter College Students, Amateurs and Professional Natural Athletes to compete on INBA India Platform.

Shri R Raghunandan who has been elected as the INBA India President and Dr Shantikumar who's the President of the Asian Body aims at producing Natural Fitness Athlete's and making Indian Fitness Industry a Drug Free Industry.

INBA PNBA started to drug test with the highest standards and incorporated the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Protocol to create a more even playing field for the athletes. Proudly INBA PNBA promotes shows all over the world in over 60 countries and its growing.

Mr. Danny Kakos, INBA PNBA President the “God Father” of Natural Bodybuilding has dedicated his life to the sport with one goal in mind that someday his effort would be recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Natural body building & fitness sports is based on fair competition and unbiased judging which is truly natural and en compassing both the physical and mental beauty of the human being, thus laying a foundation for healthy lifestyle.

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